Company History

ECHD Eco-Consult GmbH was founded at Berlin in January 1995 and was registered under its erstwhile name ECOPHARM GmbH until the year of 1997.

The original objective of the company was to cater to the supply needs of the former CIS countries with respect to pharmaceuticals and sophisticated medicine-technical equipment to improve upon the supply situation of the people of these countries.

As a contribution to the experiences and skills of the founders of the company in the fields of

  • international trading with raw materials, commodities, investment goods and machineries; 
  • project and vendor management  
  • advisory and consultancy activities with respect to Mining, Power, Ports and Environment Protection
  • Consulting Services to international organisations, such as UNIDO, EU, GTZ etc. and to 
  • international financing institutions, viz. World Bank, IFC, EBRD, ADB etc. in relation to projects in Eastern European, Middle-East and Asian countries

It was decided to expand and diversify the company activities in these areas.
In 1997, in order to formally incorporate the already widely practised activities into the overall performance spectrum of the company and to meet the ongoing globalization trends the company name was changed to ECHD ECO Consult Handels & Dienstleistungs GmbH (ECHD ECO Consult Trading and Service Ltd).
ECHD have thus become exporter of sophisticated machinery and equipment particularly EU/G7 countries to industrial developing region of South and South East Asia.

Our company

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