Company Performance Profile

ECHD ECO-Consult GmbH are a German authorised AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) export company, registered with EU carrying out:

  • execution of export and foreign trade deals in own name and on own account especially with cement, shipyard, off-shore drilling and material handling
  • Brokering and Mediating of international business deals on 3rd parties` account especially in the field of commodity and raw material trading, environment and infrastructure
  • setting up of overseas co-operation and sales net works in favour of European technology providers
  • provision of strategic, operative and commercial expertise to domestic and foreign companies
  • international product and service marketing including Know How and technology transfers
  • acquisition of alternative supply, procurement and financing sources
  • sales-purchases of industrial remaining and special stock items, second hand machinery and marketing of re-trenched plants and plant equipment
  • liaising work to domestic and foreign companies,
  • assistance to our Principals in connection with participations in international tenders, private and public sector investment projects including financing schemes

by means of:

  • local presence at the place of both supplier and customer by resorting to local representatives and local partner companies in:


New Delhi - Gurgoan - Mumbai




Hanoi - Haiphong - HCMC - Vung Tau

  • intimate knowledge of country and market place
  • acquisiton of business opportunities
  • maintaining continuous and up to date contacts at site
  • offer and bid promotion of our Principals, product cum company presentation and advocacy
  • field studies, market and project study reports, provision of information and intelligence
  • professional representation and agency work on behalf of our Principals

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