pecThe successful market oriented working style of the company reflects the fact that the company founders have personally spent long time in Asian countries and in Eastern Europe thus being well acquainted with the market places and the mentality of the people living there.

The accumulated amount of these experiences and assets
were well utilized and refined at

  • elaboration of Feasibility Studies for Luanda Port in Angola on behalf of UNIDO
  • Consultancy Services in connection with the development and privatisation of small and medium scale industrial, trading and agricultural enterprises in Ukraine on behalf of EU
  • Consulting Services in connection with project financing and leasing schemes rendered to the Leasing Association of Ukraine on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Recultivation studies for open pit coal mines and upgradation studies for briquetting plants in India

In the course of these activities ECHD promoted the co-operation between Thyssen Stahl Union and Steel Plants in Ukraine for the development and supply of railway specific metallurgical products from Ukraine to India and vize versa the supply of India made pharmaceuticals from India to CIS countries. 

In relation to Vietnam ECHD are carrying out promoted and executed the supply of goods like trucks, ship main and generator engines, industrial special stocks, parts and components (like bearings, hydraulics, cylinders, fittings, hydraulic and industrial hoses, wire ropes, drills, tools), gear boxes and drives, rubber tyres, belting's, pumps, motors, winches, valves, dosing, metering and control devices, pipe fittings, electrical and monitoring devices and bolts and nuts, steels and other goods like pest control devices, OP-instruments, medicinal equipment, geo-mats to stabilize and biologically revitalize slopes at construction sites.

ECHD ECO-Consult GmbH supply equipment for the re-construction of cement plants and for ship building schemes in Vietnamese Ship Yards. ECHD ECO-Consult GmbH provide support, consultancy and state of the art technology from EU region particularly for Cement-, Ship Yard and Petrol Industry to up grade transport and material handling technologies, own repair and manufacturing facilities and to enhance and expand power generation facilities with quick solutions needed in Vietnam`s fast growing economy.

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